Interested in learning about the worst mistakes men make in divorce, the Chicago Tribune interviewed Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell about his newest book “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce.”

Cordell’s advice is based on his own personal experience going through a divorce and his professional experience representing men in divorce for more than 20 years.

Fighting for fathers’ rights is what motivated Cordell to become a divorce lawyer for men.

“I was galvanized by guys who were my clients and trying to get primary custody of their children. Even though they were the better parent, they still couldn’t get across the finish line in the courts,” Cordell said. “The more frustrated I became, the more incentivized I was to help them.”

Read the article for a brief rundown of the 10 mistakes that Cordell has compiled.

Visit to purchase your copy before you make one of these mistakes.

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