Joseph Cordell appeared on Bruce Sallan’s radio show to talk about the 10 divorce mistakes that if guys avoided would substantially change the outcome of their case.

Cordell, principal partner of Cordell & Cordell, addressed two common mistakes: doing a poor job on financial statements and moving out of the marital home.

Cordell told Sallan, who as an author and syndicated columnist writes from “A Dad’s Point of View,” that guys tend to gloss over the financial documents in a divorce case. (Listen to the full interview on divorce mistakes.)

“I know this isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about, but guys have to realize that the majority of the critical issues in divorce do not make for good primetime television, such as presenting salacious evidence of marital misconduct,” Cordell said. “What ultimately matters are the details on those financial statements. The assets, liabilities and statements of income.”

Those numbers written down on a piece of paper are going to determine the amount of maintenance to be paid, if any, the amount of child support paid, and the division of assets. So accuracy and thoroughness on these financial documents are crucial.

Cordell also addressed why men should not move out of the marital home without being ordered by the court.

“Most people will agree that when you hear of a someone moving out of the house during a divorce it’s always the guy,” Cordell said. “Guys are prone to this submission when in many cases they are the ones who have paid the mortgage or will continue to pay the mortgage.”

Cordell said he’s not suggesting men should be forced to spend a year or two in the house while the divorce is pending under very stressful conditions. But if you are going to leave the marital home, at least let a judge make the determination.

By moving out without a court order and leaving the kids with the mother, Cordell points out that such behavior speaks much louder than words.

“His behavior is saying my wife and I have agreed that the children are better off in her care than mine,” Cordell said. “It’s then characterized that the man has other priorities or that he’s not capable of handling the kids.”

Even if you have moved out with honorable intentions to “keep the peace” or “give her room,” Cordell said her side would not spin that in any way that is favorable for you.

To listen to the full interview, please visit Bruce Sallan’s website.

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