Henderson Fathers’ Rights

Fathers rights in Henderson, Nevada, are in better shape than most dads’ rights across much of the country, but men should not use that as a reason to let their guard down.

Unless there is a history of abuse or criminality, Nevada favors keeping the family relationships intact through joint custody. There is no explicit Nevada law favoring mothers’ rights over Henderson fathers’ rights in matters of custody, but that does not mean careful planning and finding the right legal advocate should be dismissed.

While dads’ rights in Henderson may be better than in some areas, as a man you still need to be prepared to deal with a family system that historically is predisposed against men. Fathers must assert their rights as a parent and show the court that they are just as capable of parenting their children as the mothers are.

If you are concerned about maximizing your role in your children’s lives, seek out a Henderson fathers’ rights attorney than understands and acknowledges this bias.

Cordell & Cordell Is Dedicated To Henderson, NV Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell was founded more than 25 years ago when CEO Joseph Cordell saw the need to level the playing field and provide an attorney service that focuses on the men’s side of the divorce. The unique perspective from the male side allows clients to feel comfortable that their point of view is implicitly and accurately represented in court.

Long defined as a partner men can count, Cordell & Cordell uses zealous representation to protect the rights of dads in Henderson.

To schedule an appointment with a Henderson fathers’ rights divorce attorney, please call 702.712.4800.

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