Laura Eckelkamp

Associate Attorney

Town and Country divorce attorney Laura Eckelkamp has witnessed several members of her family go through unnecessarily messy divorces. It is her goal to make the process easier for those involved, especially for kids.

“I meet clients where they are without judgment and help them navigate the dissolution process with equal attention to the financial side and the emotional side of divorce,” Ms. Eckelkamp said.

Divorce and custody battles can be overwhelming. Ms. Eckelkamp strives to demystify the process and break it down into manageable steps. She always recommends clients organize all relevant financial statements into a file she can work efficiently on their case.

She also encourages her clients to remain open-minded and patient.

“I will advocate for the outcome clients want, but we are sometimes limited by the judge or the court process,” she said. “Categorizing things into ‘must haves,’ ‘willing to negotiate,’ and ‘do not need’ helps manage these expectations,” she said.