Cedric Kostelyna

Associate Attorney

Madison divorce attorney Cedric Kostelyna pursued a career in family law after receiving his bachelor’s degree in education. He felt many of the barriers to student learning and success started at home where tumultuous familial relationships impeded students’ abilities to concentrate in school and devote sufficient energy to coursework.

As he began working in family law, he saw how easy it was for the uninformed client to be taken advantage of by a soon-to-be ex-spouse both financially and regarding any minor children.

“I could see the real-world impact of the services I provided and felt a sense of fulfillment knowing that I helped guide clients through a difficult process,” Mr Kostelyna said.

Mr. Kostelyna is compassionate but remains honest in telling clients what they need to hear, even if that isn’t what they want to hear. He assesses all the merits and pitfalls of a case and makes sure his clients know what weak points may be used against them.

“Collaboration is key,” he said. “A willingness to compromise and see the other side is the easiest way to lessen stress during the divorce process. That said, I am willing to fiercely advocate for clients when the other side is being unfair or unreasonable.”