In this episode, Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner and CEO Scott Trout is joined by Cordell & Cordell Senior Litigation Attorney, Christian Skordos. Together they delve into the subject of your role as a witness in your case, discussing the do’s and don’ts to ensure your testimony is effective and impactful.

During this episode, Mr. Trout and Mr. Skordos discuss the importance of preparation, maintaining credibility, and presenting your testimony clearly and confidently. They address common pitfalls to avoid, such as providing speculative or unreliable information, and emphasize the significance of staying composed and focused throughout the process. This episode you to will gain a deeper understanding of your role as a witness and learn valuable techniques to enhance your effectiveness on the stand. Mr. Trout and Mr. Skordos’ insights will empower you to navigate the legal proceedings with confidence and ensure your voice is heard, ultimately increasing your chances of achieving a favorable outcome in your civil or divorce case.

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