Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout, is joined by Cordell & Cordell Litigation Partner, Dorothy Walsh Ripka. Together they discuss how to be the most effective client you can be in your divorce case.

In this episode, Mr. Trout and Ms. Ripka cover how to be an active client in your case. Often, you go through the facts and are left wondering what else you can do. It is important to be your own advocate and be prepared. Having a plan going into your divorce and understanding the process before you get enveloped in it helps to keep you ahead of the curb in what can often be a very stressful process. Everything from preparing notes to selecting your attorney, and more can make your divorce a bit easier. Listen now to find out how you can be the best client you can be.

If you are facing divorce and not sure where to turn, contact a Cordell & Cordell divorce attorney.

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