WOAI 1200Earlier this month, Texas enacted a law that prohibits parents who fail to pay child support for at least six months from renewing their vehicle registration. 

Although the intent of the law is to help ensure children are financially provided for, this is just the latest example of how counterproductive child support policies can be.

In Texas, the state already has a host of collection mechanisms in addition to registration blocking that includes the ability to garnish wages, block unemployment benefits, deny passports, and suspend drivers’ licenses.

San Antonio Divorce Attorney Amanda Clepper

San Antonio Divorce Attorney Amanda Clepper

Cordell & Cordell San Antonio divorce attorney Amanda Clepper doubts the new law will actually lead to more child support being made. She speculates that what will actually happen is that the statute will serve only to push some parents into an unending cycle of debt.

“They’re probably going to lose their job and be out of work,” Ms. Clepper told WOAI-1200 San Antonio. “They’ll be confined in jail through contempt proceedings for non-payment of child support.”

Ms. Clepper noted the law’s major flaw is that parents are not given a hearing to present evidence before their car registration is placed on hold.

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