Barry Sanders

Divorce tends to be especially difficult for children. Parents need to work together in order to minimize the negative impact of divorce and ease that transition. 

That was the subject of NFL Hall of Famer and Cordell & Cordell celebrity spokesman Barry Sanders’ latest blog titled, “The Right Way To Talk To Your Kids About Divorce.”

Mr. Sanders encouraged divorcing parents to present a united front when breaking the news of their divorce to their children – once they know for certain that their marriage is ending.

He also noted that the manner in which you explain the divorce will vary depending on the age of your children.

“You also need to be honest during the discussion, but remember to keep things age-appropriate,” Mr. Sanders wrote. “Younger children will probably need a simplified explanation, whereas older children or teenagers will likely require more details about what to expect.”

Throughout the process, it is crucial to shield your children from any disagreements you have with your soon-to-be-ex.

“Strive to keep them away from conflict, which means do not fight in front of them and avoid any badmouthing when your children are present,” Mr. Sanders said. “Although it may seem difficult to keep things amicable once  you get into the thick of things, litigation alternatives like mediation are a useful tool to reduce divorce hostility.”

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