ksl-radioThe importance of fathers remaining in their children’s lives post-divorce was the subject of a KSL NewsRadio report featuring Cordell & Cordell Salt Lake City divorce lawyer Jonathan G. Winn.

Mr. Winn said divorce laws get in the way of fathers who want to spend more time with their children because many judges believe there needs to be a primary parent.

“When they’re asked, when the custody evaluation is done and the full process is done, most kids will say they want to do 50/50,” Mr. Winn said. “They want to have equal parent time with each side.”

He tells divorced fathers not to give up in their quest to be with their children.

“A lot of guys will get a bad temporary order,” he said. “They’ll give up, they’ll resign to that and then they’ll quit.”

Click the link to read the full article, “How important are fathers in children’s lives?

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