Because each couple is different, there is no sure fire schedule to determine when it is the right time to get a divorce. However, MSN Money reports that some financial situations can be better for divorce than others.

If one is considering filing for divorce, the best time to do so is when both spouses have minimal credit card debt. In some states, one spouse’s debt is seen as community property, so individuals should get a full financial snapshot of their soon-to-be ex-spouse’s situation as well. In addition, couples with good credit scores also tend to fare better economically during a divorce, as purchasing a new home or car after marriage dissolution will be made easier.

For couples with children, a divorce may be financially less harmful with kids who are in high school. If a spouse is ordered to pay child support, it will likely only be for a few years, and a divorce could actually help families who apply for financial aid for college, according to the news source.

The Money 2000 program run by Rutgers University advises adults to sign divorce-related documents carefully to save themselves from unfair financial arrangements. If anything is unclear, a divorce attorney should be consulted.

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