Children may often struggle to deal with a divorce between their parents, but it is an issue they will have to deal with eventually and talking to kids about a split can help to keep relationships intact.

Joseph Nowinski, a clinical psychologist and author, wrote an article for the Huffington Post that detailed the strain on a relationship between parents and their children if they don’t talk about the split after it happens.

According to the Post, a study of college-age kids showed that a relationship with one parent was affected by a divorce, as children often felt less attached to their father because of the split.

This may have to do with the lack of custody rights that can exist for fathers, due to conflicts between the two parents.

According to an article by Dr. Robert Hughes of the University of Illinois in Parenting 24/7, parents should try and maintain a balance in spending time with their children. Mothers need to be able to talk to their kids about the divorce in order to find out if they miss seeing their father.

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