A significant amount of research has accumulated concerning the potential long-term damage that can be done by a divorce on the psyche of a young adult looking to start a relationship.

A recent Finnish study that was published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that teens whose parents divorced may have trouble with developing intimate relationships as an adult.

Researchers from Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare and the University of Helsinki conducted a second study that examined the individuals 16 years after their parents were divorced.

According to the Huffington Post, the 1,471 people that were studied originally were examined again at the age of 32, and researchers found that the children who experienced a divorce of their parents were less likely to remain married. This data lined up with previous work done on the subject.

Professor Robert Hughes, Jr., writing for the Post, noted that the findings showed a direct correlation between a divorce and the mother-daughter relationship. This was generally undermined if parents split, and the girl was more likely to experience the same result in her own relationships.

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