New York’s “no fault” divorce law went into effect on October 12, 2010, and the legislation was supposed to help residents of the state dissolve their marriages without having to allege fault, according to the Huffington Post.

Despite the passage of the law, which was signed into effect to prevent expensive court battles when individuals want out of a marriage, recent rulings have shown that there may not exist a change in the procedure, the news source reported.

However, a Nassau County Judge recently ruled in favor of an individual who wanted to divorce her spouse. The decision held up the “no fault” divorce law, as the dissolution of the marriage was granted without an extensive trial, according to the Post.

“[A] Plaintiff’s self-serving declaration about his or her state of mind is all that is required for the dissolution of a marriage on the ground that it is irretrievably broken,” Judge Falanga said in the ruling.

The ruling may set a precedent in the New York courts. No fault divorces are becoming increasingly popular around the country, as the grounds for the dissolution of a marriage have been limited in several states like Georgia, according to the News Junky Journal.

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