A battle over a golden-doodle dog has increased the difficulty of the divorce process for a prominent couple in New York City, according to the New York Daily News.

James O’Hanlon and Susan McCarthy, who own the trendy Greenwich Village restaurant Agave, will reignite their battle in court. This new development will make the process more painful since they have already been warring in Nassau County Court for more than two years, the news source reported.

According to The Associated Press, the battle has expanded to include other members of the family, as the daughter of James O’Hanlon has now claimed that she is the rightful owner of the pooch. Slaney O’Hanlon alleges that she was given the pooch during the legal battle and should be granted custody, against the wishes of McCarthy.

Slaney’s aunt and James O’Hanlon’s sister, Margaret Healy, alleged that McCarthy had left the girl a nasty voicemail and went as far as following her in a car.

“I couldn’t believe she followed me in the car,” Healy told the Daily News. “I almost fainted.”

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