The children of a Brockton, Massachusetts man watched as local authorities pointed a gun at their father due to an ongoing child custody case, according to The Enterprise.

George A. Haikal was held at gunpoint while dropping his kids off at school due to a lack of payment for child support. The sister of the man who was arrested noted that the impact of the event would be damaging for the children and was completely unnecessary, the news source reported.

“They’re never going to forget seeing what they did to their father,” the sister told The Enterprise. “What he (the constable) did in front of his children, this guy should not be able to have a license in Massachusetts or anywhere in the country.”

Along with the potential future damage to the children in the car, the act was committed in front of more than 100 other students who were arriving at school, according to the news source.

A previous article from The Enterprise noted Haikal was not troubled by the arrest, only that his children had to witness the incident.

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