A bill that would reform alimony in Massachusetts is gaining momentum according to a state representative.

State Rep. John Fernandes said that he hopes the bill, which would likely be beneficial to fathers, will be on the state Senate or House floor before summer begins, according to the Milford Daily News. The news source reports that the bill recently had a successful hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee.

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Fernandes, who is co-sponsoring the bill with state Sen. Gale Candaras, explained how the bill would change alimony laws in Massachusetts.

“This makes it clear alimony should terminate at age of retirement at the federal law, 66, and that duration of alimony should be tied to the length of marriage,” he told the news source. “It also deals with the thorny issue of cohabitation, where alimony recipients are able to collect and continue to collect alimony despite engaging in a relationship that looks, walks and talks like re-marriage.”

Lifetime alimony has been a contentious subject in Massachusetts, with many men agitating for a change to spousal support laws. In addition, the Massachusetts Bar Association supports changes to the state’s alimony laws, according to The Associated Press.

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