Judges in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, are considering adopting divorce rules that are intended to make the proceedings more civil.

The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports that the proposals for the Tippecanoe County Rules of Family Law are based on a “cooperative model,” which has been successfully deployed in other parts of the state.

“Parent conflict can tear a family apart,” Tippecanoe Superior Court Judge Thomas Busch told the news source. “This is to keep the children from suffering. In order to achieve that, we have to get parents to work together. We have to come up with ways to solve conflict so that it is in the best interest of children.”

The Associated Press reports that the rules would try to prevent divorcing couples from bringing everyone into the court room or trying to have the other party found guilty of contempt.

However, the chairman of the Tippecanoe County Bar Association told the AP that such changes would likely require more paperwork and thus increase the expense of divorce for many clients.

A more amicable divorce may also benefit divorcing parties in addition to the children.

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