The holiday season can bring equal amounts of joy and stress to families, but for a couple that has recently divorced, the strain that is put on their children can be overwhelming.

The Kansas City Star reported that children may begin to act in an even more aggressive manner due to the stress of the holidays, especially when they are seeing a parent that they don’t spend as much time with.

According to the newspaper, concerns will often arise about where the child will get to spend the holidays and the extended family of the mother or father will have to be chosen early on to limit the stress in this situation.

Parents will likely have to split time over holiday weekends, making it extremely important for activities and time spent with relatives to be maximized, the Star reported.

Mothers tend to receive custody of children in the majority of cases, 82.6 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This may mean that fathers should try and make the most of this time with their kids.

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