Members of the Orange County community, as well as neighborhoods around the country, are affected by divorce every day, but sometimes guidance and support is hard to find. But the Newport Beach Independent reports that a local church is opening its doors to host a divorce support group.

The Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW) has been held twice a year since 1981 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and more than 15,000 people have benefited from the program.

“People are very vulnerable, and can be very shy and scared at first,” participant Gary Harber, who is currently a program facilitator, told the news source. “St. Andrew’s gives us a nice, huge comfortable room; it’s a safe environment to come to. DRW is a positive thing to do with a negative.”

DRW educates and supports people going through divorces through lectures and small group activities.

According to the Superior Court of California in Orange County, sometimes divorces proceed even though one partner does not want the relationship to end. One spouse cannot block the divorce process. Instead, non-participation could lead to default judgment.

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