Could men one day give a piece of jewelry to propose divorce, just as they do today to propose marriage? According to the Huffington Post, jewelers Spritzer and Furman have created an 18-karat gold ring, costing $3,200 that signifies divorce.

The ring is designed with a diamond dagger, breaking a golden heart in two. WEYI in Michigan reports that the ring could be seen as either a polite or ridiculous way to end a marriage.

Other experts see this fashion statement and other “divorce jewelry” as a way for newly single individuals to celebrate another chapter in their lives. Some women have even redesigned their wedding rings into divorce rings after their marriages failed.

Divorce jewelry and other relationship-related accoutrement is evolving as a trend among adults, according to the New York Times. Jewelry designer Harold Thompson told the news source that his online company sells “self-esteem building” creations including divorce rings. Thompson’s design boasts similarities to traditional wedding bands except with a gap in the center.

Thompson has created his offerings from experience. He has been divorced twice, according to the Times.

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