Though a divorce may be emotionally and physically draining on both adults, the effect of the dissolution on children can be much worse. A letter to The Washington Times noted the importance of keeping both parents active in the life of a young child.

Gordon E. Finley, emeritus professor of psychology at Florida International University, noted that children who come from families that remain together have an easier shot of achieving success in life.

Finley advised that if a divorce occurs, custody of the children should be shared and the legal proceedings should actually start with a presumption of equal parental rights. He noted that this rarely occurs in the present system.

“The latter reform truly would serve the best interests of the children of divorced couples,” Finley said in the letter. “Most children want both parents involved in their lives following divorce.”

Despite the fact that mothers account for the majority of custodial parents, 82.6 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau, fathers should be kept in the lives of children as much as possible.

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