Pedro Soto won a case against the Orange County, California Department of Child Support Services following a legal struggle against the organization following his being duped into paying for a kid that was not his, Fathers and Families reported.

In a stunning discovery that is all too familiar for some men in the U.S., Soto found out that he was not the father of a child that he had paid more than $75,000 in child support for, according to the news source.

Soto was deceived by his then-girlfriend Maricela Guerrero into believing that her newborn son was the product of their relationship in 1998, and he then proceeded to sign a paternity declaration.

According to Fathers and Families, the kid was found to be the biological son of the man who was living with Guerrero, and an elaborate scheme was set up in order to get Soto to send the child support checks.

The name of the father was changed on the birth certificate, and Soto’s paternity judgment was set aside, according to court documents.

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