The Alabama Parenthood Initiative is a program that has been set up at Calhoun Community College to help parents from around the state stay ahead on their child support payments, according to the school’s website.

The program has helped many Alabama residents stay ahead on their payment programs, and provide their children with everything that they need, according to ABC 31 WAAY.

Nicholas Perkins is a father of one who was helped by this statewide initiative.

“It was designed to put non-custodial parents either back to work or to work in a better environment to allow them to pay back child support,” Calhoun spokeswoman Janet Martin told the news source.

The program helps with tuition and job placement, so that individuals are able to devote the rest of their resources to their child support payments and parenting, ABC 31 reported.

According to the news source, the program has been around for seven years and is still going strong, as up to a half million dollars has been paid back to children by people who were enrolled.

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