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Heather Biagi Discusses Fathers’ Rights On St. Louis Public Radio

kwmuSt. Louis family law attorney Heather Biagi appeared on “St. Louis On The Air” to discuss fathers’ rights and the challenges dads face in family law courts.

Child support in particular makes things complicated, especially in paternity cases.

“You can be deemed by the state to be dad for purposes of paying child support, but not for purposes of custody and visitation,” Biagi told host Don Marsh.

This means a father can be paying child support to a mother while simultaneously paying court and attorney fees to gain custody and visitation rights.

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Cordell & Cordell Custodial Interference Case Featured in Utah

fathers-rights-utahCordell & Cordell Utah attorney Jonathan Winn and his client Matthew Brown were interviewed on the epidemic of custodial interference in Utah, which has seen cases in the state nearly triple over the past 10 years, according to an investigative report by KSL News in Salt Lake City.

Utah law states that if a parent intentionally withholds a child from the other parent who is entitled visitation, they’ve committed a crime. But Mr. Brown, a Cordell & Cordell client who was the victim of custodial interference, told KSL News that he believes the law is rarely enforced against women.

“There’s nothing I’ve been through that’s harder than this,” he said.

Mr. Winn, who has been defending fathers’ rights in Utah for years, believes dads are the underdogs of the family court system.

“The many crimes that are out there, this is a crime against children which should be enforced by the courts,” Mr. Winn told KSL News.

Mr. Brown came to Cordell & Cordell with issues of receiving his parenting time. Due to the constant interference with custody, Mr. Winn filed a successful Petition to Modify Custody with Mr. Brown receiving full custody of his children, in addition to an award of attorney fees.

If you are a father dealing with custodial interference, contact a Cordell & Cordell fathers’ rights attorney today for helpful information and possible legal representation.

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Father says he received huge child support bill by mistake

While some people know that they are behind on child support payments, others are caught by surprise when they are confronted with a bill or a warrant for arrest.

A father in Albuquerque, New Mexico, called a local news station for help after he received a shocking child support bill in the mail.

According to ABC KOAT 7 News, Keith Walker claimed that he got a bill in the mail for $84,000 even though he alleges that he religiously pays for his daughter’s child support. He told the news source that he feels helpless and defeated, as he doesn’t understand why he was targeted for this type of delinquency.

“(I’ve had) a lot of sleepless nights of, am I going to get arrested? After that aired, am I going to get arrested tomorrow, after paying for 18 years?” Walker said to the news source.

Walker also noted that this ordeal has hurt his credit and led to the revocation of his license. The Los Angeles Times reported that credit card companies take failed payments into account when determining loans for individuals.

Oklahoma legislator one of several to blast family law system

A member of Fathers and Families (F & F) blasted the family law system that exists in Oklahoma, noting that it is unfair and often separates children from the fathers who they love and need, according to an article from the organization.

Fathers and Families reported that Chris Gregory, a member of F & F and former Marine, told an Oklahoma House of Representatives committee that the family law system in the state was unfair and rife with injustices.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has previously conducted a study on family law in the state and the findings were seen to show a need for new legislation to be passed, the news source reported.

A release from the Oklahoma State Legislature noted that lawmakers may consider implementing a “no-fault” divorce statute and revising the laws in order to protect the children within the state.

“There is very little in the divorce process that is even remotely connected to the interest of the children,” State Representative Mark McCullough said in the release.

According to Fathers and Families, a specific case concerning Gregory raised concerns of injustice in the system, as the Oklahoma resident was left with only $26,688 out of his $125,000 salary following payments to his wife and court taxes.

UK fathers denied right to see children due to lack of law

Plans to enshrine the concept that a child has a “meaningful relationship with both parents” into law are likely to be dropped, as the proposal was left out of a report on family justice by a government entity in England, according to The Daily Telegraph.

This type of action is not limited to the UK, as the rights of fathers around the world are often pushed aside in preference for the mother.

“Achieving shared parenting in those cases where it is safe to do so is a matter of raising parental awareness at the earliest opportunity. The welfare of children must always come before the rights of both parents,” David Norgrove, a former pensions regulator and civil servant, said in a report on family justice.

Several groups that favor a father’s rights in custody battles have spoken out against the report, as they argued that it is a crime for men to be denied access to their children, according to the Telegraph.

The Daily Mail reported that the “Norgrove Report” could undermine any progress that these father’s rights groups had made with David Cameron.