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Joe Cordell Talks Divorce Rights For Men In Wisconsin

Joseph CordellCordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell appeared this morning on “Outside The Box” with Mitch Henck on WIBA 1310 in Madison, Wisconsin, where he discussed fathers’ rights and took questions from callers about how to protect themselves in divorce cases.

Henck brought up the fact that there are more fathers who do not pay child support to which Cordell replied:

“What becomes publicized is that statistic, but since most guys do not get custody that puts most guys in the position to be paying child support. But what isn’t brought up is guys are consistently denied visitation,” Cordell said. “It’s a chronic issue, but it gets no play. Of course being denied the right to see is children is going to impact a guy’s willingness to hand over money when he knows a good portion of child support probably is not going to the children.”

Mitch Henck radio showCordell added: “If a guy is denied his visitation, he has to get a lawyer, spend thousands of dollars, and spend months in court. By contrast, if a mother doesn’t get paid her child support, she can get a garnishment and get the guy in front of a judge on charges of contempt within days.”

Joseph Cordell On “Outside The Box”:

Indiana Lawyer Interviews Cordell & Cordell Attorney Jason Hopper about Arrears and Age of Emancipation

Jason Hopper Wall Street JournalIndianapolis Divorce Lawyer Jason Hopper was featured extensively in an Indiana Lawyer article regarding prospective changes to the state’s age of emancipation law.

Many Indiana fathers have unknowingly been accumulating child support arrears after assuming their duty to pay support ends with the child’s 18th birthday when in fact the age of emancipation is 21 in Indiana. A proposed bill would lower the age of emancipation for minors from 21 to 19.

“I can’t begin to tell you how many prospective clients that I interview that have the displeasure of finding out that they have a child support arrearage,” Hopper told the newspaper.

The issue is particularly troublesome to wealthier clients who can accumulate substantial arrearages quickly if they miss a few payments. Since those child support payers who owe more than $15,000 face felony charges and up to eight years in prison, Hopper said high-income dads are at greater jeopardy of facing punishment simply because they’re paying a higher dollar amount in support.

The article “Bill Would Change Child Support Statute” is for subscribers only, but it can be read by signing up for a free 8-week trial. Read Jason Hopper’s bio for more information.

Indiana Lawyer‘s interest in reporting Mr. Hopper’s insight into this timely issue is indicative of the respect earned by the Cordell & Cordell law firm and its skilled divorce lawyers. With more than 20 years experience representing men’s interests in divorce and domestic litigation matters, Cordell & Cordell continually proves it is a partner men can count on.

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Father says he received huge child support bill by mistake

While some people know that they are behind on child support payments, others are caught by surprise when they are confronted with a bill or a warrant for arrest.

A father in Albuquerque, New Mexico, called a local news station for help after he received a shocking child support bill in the mail.

According to ABC KOAT 7 News, Keith Walker claimed that he got a bill in the mail for $84,000 even though he alleges that he religiously pays for his daughter’s child support. He told the news source that he feels helpless and defeated, as he doesn’t understand why he was targeted for this type of delinquency.

“(I’ve had) a lot of sleepless nights of, am I going to get arrested? After that aired, am I going to get arrested tomorrow, after paying for 18 years?” Walker said to the news source.

Walker also noted that this ordeal has hurt his credit and led to the revocation of his license. The Los Angeles Times reported that credit card companies take failed payments into account when determining loans for individuals.

Affected parents need to summon courage to ask for child support reduction

Child support payments may be hurting individuals due to the amount of money that they are forced to pay, especially during a time when the economy is down and costs to maintain a family are rising.

According to the Boston Herald, child support payments are usually modifiable, if the process for lowering the amount of money is pursued in the correct manner.

The newspaper reported that one of the ways that parents may be hit harder by the amount of money they pay is because of health insurance costs. Modifications to the separation agreement can likely be made on these grounds.

According to the Herald, the court can retroactively modify child support back to the date on which the spouse is served with the summons, and if the parent contesting the money amount is able to make a case based on insurance costs, the payment can be reduced.

This problem may affect men more than women, as mothers accounted for the majority, 82.2 percent, of custodial parents, while fathers represented only 17.8 percent in 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Joseph CordellAs a law firm that focuses on representing men in family law cases, Cordell & Cordell attorneys have found recently released statistics about child support alarming but unfortunately not surprising.

In an interview with, Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell said these facts reinforce the antiquated notion that mom should take care of the kids and dad should serve as an ATM.

The latest census information reveals that of the 13.7 million custodial parents in the country, only one in six are fathers. The report, which uses 2009 data, notes that while 55 percent of custodial mothers are entitled to child support, only 30.4 percent of fathers are awarded money from an ex-spouse.

“It’s important to remember that men and fathers are not the only victims when they are discriminated against and forced out of their children’s lives by a biased family law system,” Cordell says. “The children who do not have a father playing a significant role in their lives are also victims.”

Read the article “Divorced Fathers Less Likely To Receive Child Support, Census Shows has also discussed these statistics in depth in the article “Men’s Rights Discrimination By The Numbers.”