Tampa Fathers’ Rights

Changes in family law can leave Tampa divorced dads with very little recourse, unless they hire a competent Tampa, Florida fathers’ rights attorney to assist them with dads’ rights in child custody and child support matters.

A new Florida statute addresses the calculation and adjustment of child support in correlation with the amount of “overnights” a father has with his child. In the past, child support was not adjusted until the dad was having 40 percent of the overnights with his child.

The old statute affected Tampa dads rights negatively because a dad who had his child 5 percent of the time paid the same percentage of child support as a father who had his children 39 percent of the time. The old system was supposed to reward parents for spending more time with their children, but, instead, it punished them financially.

Now, in a similar tiered structure, child support adjustment begins when a dad’s overnights with his child reach 20 percent. This brought fairness back into the dads rights equation. With dads historically being allowed fewer overnights with their children, lowering the adjustment to 20 percent gave the Tampa, Florida fathers rights movement a big boost.

Family law is constantly changing. If you’ve been served with divorce papers, you need a dads’ rights attorney in Tampa to keep you from paying more in child support than you can afford. Call the Tampa, Florida fathers’ rights attorneys of Cordell & Cordell at 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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