Mackenzie Pearson

Associate Attorney

Columbia divorce attorney Mackenzie Pearson believes that recognizing and affirming the value each individual contributes to a family unit, no matter how untraditional, is incredibly important. Family law directly impacts individuals and typically results in a new normal for all involved.

“Helping people navigate one of the biggest changes of their life and reach a new normal can be incredibly rewarding,” Ms. Pearson said.

Ms. Pearson emphasizes that honesty is an integral part to the divorce process and being honest with a client throughout the case can make a world of difference in the overall experience of managing expectations to outcome satisfaction.

“Family law is a bit like the Wild West in the sense the rules are outside of what you might see in general civil practice,” she said. “Knowing those rules and knowing where they differ can make a big difference when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.”

Ms. Pearson often tells her clients to think of her as a translator. The law can, at times, seem complex and rigid, and difficult to navigate. Her job is to translate the emotion and circumstances of her client to the court and simultaneously make clear to her client what the court expects of them in order to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.

“Everyone has a role to play and working together as a team is only going to help the client and their case,” she said.