Kyrah Jackson

Litigation Attorney

Columbus divorce attorney Kyrah Jackson is a child of divorce and thus has a unique perspective that allows her to empathize with her clients and provide practical feedback during an emotional time.

“To me, the ability to help someone during what may be the worst part of their life is so rewarding,” Ms. Jackson said.

Ms. Jackson is extremely organized, which is a must in this profession with meetings, daily paperwork, communication with clients, phone calls, and court proceedings.

“In order to balance this work, it is important to have organization and time-management skills to achieve all tasks,” she said.

Ms. Jackson always stresses the importance of patience during the divorce process as it is necessary to wait for the court or opposing parties.

“However, I will be actively working on the case always advocating on your behalf,” she said. “I will be available to answer any questions or address concerns.”