Keri E. Farley

Litigation Manager

There are all kinds of unique challenges inherent in family law. That variety, coupled with the opportunity to help clients through one of the most challenging times of their lives, is what draws Beavercreek divorce attorney Keri E. Farley to this area of law.

“Family law is incredibly diverse, so it never becomes boring,” Ms. Farley said. “It is also incredibly rewarding to be able to help people through a major life change, hopefully making the process more understandable and less difficult along the way.”

The divorce process can be long and grueling, but that grind doesn’t intimidate Ms. Farley. She’s not an attorney who is willing to cut corners, no matter how difficult the work may be.

“I don’t like to do things halfway,” she said. “I take pride in attention to detail and find great satisfaction in taking a project all the way to completion.”

Ms. Farley is an attorney who can always be counted on to keep the best interests of her client in mind at all times. There might be bumps in the road, but she is going to do whatever she can, to the very end, to help them achieve their goals.

“Always be honest and forthcoming,” she said. “Remember that I am on your side and even though it may be difficult, we will get through this together.”