Kelsey B. Daniels

Litigation Attorney

Edina divorce attorney Kelsey B. Daniels has dedicated her practice to family law because the work allows her the opportunity to assist others with legal issues that are of central importance in their lives.

“Whether I am advocating for my client to have more parenting time with his children or fighting for equitable division of assets through a divorce, my focus remains bettering the lives of my clients,” Ms. Daniels said.

Ms. Daniels regularly utilizes her communication skills in practice, which assists her in understanding her client’s perspectives and arguing persuasively with opposing counsel or before the court.

“If I had to tell my client one thing about the process in the first meeting, I would tell them that family law matters can be stressful and consuming,” she said. “Self-care, asking questions, and being open to receiving new information is important. I would tell a client that I am a strong advocate that will provide candid advice.”