Jessica America

Senior Litigation Attorney

Peoria divorce attorney Jessica America has handled cases in a number of different areas, but when she started developing a family law practice, she realized she had found her calling.

“For me, helping people in the midst of their most difficult times is extremely rewarding,” Ms. America said. “When I realized how much I enjoyed assisting families to navigate through the law, both statutory and case law, and provide them an understanding of how courts typically apply the law to their issues, I knew I found my purpose.”

Divorce is long and arduous. Ms. America does not sugarcoat anything about the process, but she does give her clients her word that they will have a fierce advocate in their corner fighting for their rights.

“Perseverance is not a long race,” she said. “It is many short races one after the other. The same applies to family law litigation. In every case, I encourage my clients that they are not alone in this race.”

Ms. America stresses the importance of patience and persistence when going through divorce and child custody issues. Although nothing about the process is easy, she reassures her clients that they will survive and can thrive after divorce if they stay focused on what matters.

“Most cases aren’t slam dunks, and perseverance is critical,” she said. “I am dedicated to seeing every client all the way to the finish line. Together, we will persevere. Together, we will finish the race.”

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