Jerrod M. Rayborn

Senior Litigation Attorney

Divorce is considered one of the most difficult and emotionally draining life experiences a man can go through. Ridgeland divorce attorney Jerrod M. Rayborn is passionate about helping people through situations that are especially difficult.

During the course of a divorce, there are inevitably a lot of emotional highs and lows. Many guys make the mistakes of living and dying with those ups and downs. Mr. Rayborn distinguishes himself by remaining consistent and maintaining his composure, despite how it might seem the case is going.

“I can keep a level head when most other people are not doing so,” Mr. Rayborn said.

It is impossible to guarantee the results of any divorce case, but Mr. Rayborn does promise to do whatever is within his power to make sure his clients are fairly represented and have their voices heard in family court.

“The process will not be easy, but you will get through it,” he said. “I am diligent and will put forth my best effort.”