Jacqueline L. Swift

Litigation Attorney

Boston divorce attorney Jacqueline L. Swift decided to practice family law because she liked the idea of being able to help others through a difficult time in their lives. Because of her firsthand experience with divorce, she is able to empathize with what her clients are going through.

“I am a child of divorce, and I personally understand what it can be like for a family to have to go through that hard process,” Ms. Swift said.

Ms. Swift has the ability to remain calm during stressful situations. That is critical in the practice of family law as divorce tends to be very stressful. She also understands the importance of remaining professional when dealing with clients and opposing counsel.

Ms. Swift always strives to keep her client informed during the court process and is quick to keep them up to date on the status of their case.

“I will do my best to advise the client of all their options and assist them to reach a resolution most favorable to them,” she said.