Dana Lauer

Litigation Manager

Boston divorce attorney Dana Lauer understands all the intricacies that go into family law. It is Ms. Lauer’s attention to the minutiae of the law that makes her an expert on the topic, and enables her to more effectively serve clients.

She understands how critical preparation, including legal research and writing, are to the success of a client’s case, whether it be at a motions hearing, settlement conference or a trial.

“I will use all resources available to me to help achieve the results clients want,” Ms. Lauer said. “These resources include conferencing matters with other family law attorneys for strategic purposes, preparing diligently at every step in your case, and asking the right questions to present the case in the most favorable light.”

Ms. Lauer finds family law compelling because it is a narrow area of law that allows her to truly be an expert in the law and procedure. Specializing on the topic gives her the ability to represent clients both effectively and efficiently, but she also realizes that every case presents a unique set of circumstances.

“That gives rise to interesting challenges regarding strategy and implementation of resources,” Ms. Lauer said.