Cynthia Cholmondeley

Litigation Attorney

Tampa divorce attorney Cynthia Cholmondeley has practiced in the family law arena her entire career, so transitioning to focus entirely on family law, particularly men’s rights, was just another opportunity for her to help a vulnerably party navigate the legal system during an often-compromising time in their lives.

“I can meet any client where they are at despite social class, level of vulnerability, education, or environment and represent them with dignity and respect,” Ms. Cholmondeley said.

While Ms. Cholmondeley zealously advocates on her clients’ behalf, she stresses the importance of empowering them throughout each step of the process.

“Choosing your attorney for any legal matter is one of the most personal decisions you will make in your life,” she said. “You are the only one that needs to be happy with my representation and our result at the end of the day, so make this process your own and get in the driver’s seat. I am just your co-pilot to making informed decisions.”