Callie Dodson

Associate Attorney

Callie, now an experienced family law attorney with over 20 final trials and 100+ contested court hearings, attended law school with the sole purpose of becoming a family law litigator. Her legal expertise extends beyond the courtroom into research and writing, having written three appellate briefs, an appeal to the Department of Family and Protective Services, and multiple other briefs and motions. Callie has encountered complex issues and has tackled unique jurisdictional challenges. When asked about her greatest litigation victory, Callie says, “An appeal to the Department of Family and Protective Services on behalf of a child. Outside of the usual sphere of where I practiced, I was able to argue successfully, after initially being denied, that the State of Texas should overturn the disposition held against a young child.” Callie’s dedication to her clients and ability to navigate complex legal issues showcases her commitment as an advocate to each of her clients and the practice of family law.