Cordell Cordell Reviews: Wisconsin


5 Stars

“​[My attorney] is an outstanding attorney and I believe a genuinely good hearted person. She is extremely intelligent and yet very relatable and not afraid to let me know what she thinks regarding my case. I am so thankful that I chose Cordell and Cordell and especially [my attorney] to represent me.​”

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— Z.B.
5 Stars

“He has been amazing. He has been helpful. I really have appreciated his support staff; I believe her name is Jennifer. And getting follow up calls like this. Also the newsletter. I haven’t been able to utilize it but it’s great information to have for clients. “

— Patrick
5 Stars

​”Cedric has been very transparent of explaining where we are with the case and seeing all the possible outcomes whether good or bad. Overall, very easy to work with.” – D.M.

— D.M.


5 Stars

“Laura has been great! I can’t say enough good things about her to anyone. She is very personable and knows what she is doing! Laura is extremely efficient. For Laura to be able to fit me in when she did, it was outstanding!”

— Joshua C.
5 Stars

“Laura did a really good job. She accomplished what I was looking for. She was very personable, professional and did a great job. The judge was impressed with her outlining and the way she wrote the stipulation. She was impressed and complimented her. I would use her again in the future and [would] request to work with her. I definitely got what I paid for!”

— Christopher M.
5 Stars

“I would go with Cordell & Cordell anytime! They are very efficient and let me know what is going on. (My attorney) is fantastic. I ask a question and I get my answers, even when I didn’t expect them. She keeps me well informed 100%. … I feel very confident in her.”

— David D.
5 Stars

“I’ve been very satisfied with (my attorney’s) performance. I really appreciate how well she took the time to explain through things and explain the legal jargon.”

— Peter C.
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