Cordell Cordell Reviews: Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

5 Stars

“​[My attorney] is extremely professional, and he really focuses on making sure I’m taken care of.”

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— Greg H.


5 Stars

“[My attorney] was very responsive and professional.  The level of communication was excellent and the billing detail was very helpful. It made it easy to verify their time was spent appropriately on my case.”

— Daniel P.
5 Stars

“[My attorney] did a fantastic job. I’ve never been happier with any attorney like I have been with her. I would give her a 10! She was beyond great. I would refer Cordell and Cordell to anybody and everybody.”

— J.G.
5 Stars

“​Brad has been really good at being active and responsive to the case. Brad…has turned my case around and is moving things along for me, and I feel very comfortable now.”

— Shannon S.
5 Stars

“​Brad is awesome! He is doing everything exceptionally well, he has been proactive and is working on getting this thing settled promptly for me. He has been very good.”

— George B.
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