Cordell Cordell Reviews: Indiana


5 Stars

“[My attorney] does great with keeping me informed; I never feel out of the loop. He has been awesome! He never gives me unrealistic expectations.  [My attorney] always gives me my options and gives outstanding advice. He has been great and very level headed, which I needed.”

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— William J.
5 Stars

“[My attorney] did a really good job. I had a hard time in the beginning emotionally with paying attention and understanding all the legal explanations. I have never had a lawyer before, but it seemed like [my attorney] met all my needs. I am really glad I hired a lawyer, because it gave me peace of mind that I am doing everything I can to take care of my rights and my son. I like [my attorney] on a personal level too. He is very professional but could sneak in a light anecdote at just the right time. He did a great job on my case.”

— Clifford S.
5 Stars

“[My attorney] is doing great [at] making good judgment calls and good tactics. Anytime I have a question, all I have to do ask. He gets back to me really quick.”

— Christopher M.
5 Stars

“[My attorney] is [a] very calm person, and he didn’t put on a show. Basically, he tried to tell me the worst case scenarios and prepared me [so that] if it did turn out unfavorably, it wouldn’t  be a surprise.  He is [a] very down to earth and no-nonsense person.  I felt really comfortable with him as my attorney.”

— Steven N.
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Fort Wayne

5 Stars

​ “I feel like Christian understood and was able to represent what I wanted without much explanation; he just knew.” – Jim C.

— Jim C.