Diana Megalla

Associate Attorney

diana megalla attorneyNew Jersey attorney Diana Megalla had experience in civil and commercial litigation, but she wanted to help people rather than just corporations.

“Helping corporations make more money will never be as fulfilling as helping individuals resolve problems in their daily lives,” said Ms. Megalla.

She left those areas for family law so that she could have more client contact and be able to help people in need and those facing big decisions in their lives.

Ms. Megalla certainly still draws upon her more corporate experience, however, and uses skills like negotiation and even her earlier background in sales to help practice family law.

“I have handled many family cases where clients have advised me that this was the smoothest and fastest manner that the case could have gone,” said Ms. Megalla. “I understand and appreciate that when you come to me, you are experiencing one of the most difficult times in your life, and I want to ensure that the process is the most bearable it can be given the circumstances.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Megalla is licensed in New Jersey and New York.


Ms. Megalla earned her bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. She earned her juris doctor from Rutgers University School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to working at Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Megalla worked in family law as well as civil litigation, municipal law, commercial law and criminal law.


Ms. Megalla is a member of the American Bar Association, Family Law and Young Lawyer’s Division; the New Jersey State Bar Association; New York State Bar Association and the Middlesex County Bar Association.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Ms. Megalla frequently contributes responses to Ask a Lawyer questions for DadsDivorce.com.

Ms. Megalla joined DadsDivorce Live to discuss the case of 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci’s lawsuit against her parents and New Jersey’s laws regarding when parents should be obligated to provide college support.



“Beautiful service, but you’re paying for that beautiful service. The fees are high, but it’s a necessary evil. I get top-notch representation, no doubt about it. Diana takes very, very good care of me.”


“I am very, very satisfied so far. I have no complaints regarding Diana; no issues whatsoever. Diana is very prompt and asks me all the time if everything is okay. Diana wants to make sure that not only my case is going well, but that I’m doing okay throughout this whole process. I really appreciate that.  She seems to care about both the case and myself.”


“Diana has taken my best interests [to] heart. She is fighting very hard. … Diana has a personal and professional interest in my rights and [is] fighting this out until the very end. I appreciate that!”


“I enjoyed working with Ms. Bishara. Diana knew my case inside and out and always got in touch with me promptly and kept me updated about things that were happening. I never felt as though I was in the dark or did not understand something.”


“The most important thing, and what stands out, is that Diana always made herself available to talk to me. If I had a question, about anything, I would call and Diana would make herself available at that moment, or as soon as it was possible, to call me back. Diana usually had an answer to my question, and if she didn’t, she’d get one quickly and get back to me. I was kept informed all the way from beginning to end, and that’s what I remember the most about working with you all.”


“Diana was very friendly and she was very trustworthy. She always made me feel comfortable with discussing the whole situation.”


“Diana makes the whole process more comfortable. It’s a difficult situation and overall very uncomfortable. Diana’s personable and communicative – she helps me a great deal.”


“I’ve appreciated Diana’s communication and her willingness to listen. She’s been really creative in my situation and this process. I’m really grateful for this and happy she’s able to step outside the box.”


“Everything was above and beyond! You were all wonderful! To have Diana on with your firm is magnificent. I’m proud of you guys for making a difference. I’m sure Diana will make Partner one day!”


“Diana has been reassuring. I feel great having you guys in my corner. The way Diana deals with her clients is second to none. I can’t say enough good things about her. I was very scared to go through this process. I’ve heard so many nightmares about lawyers. Diana has gone above and beyond, and I’m not scared anymore. I wish I had a whole team of people like Diana, but she makes me feel like I have an army behind me. You have a real gem on your hands with her!”


“Diana was very professional throughout the process. I was kept up to date on a timely basis throughout the process The firm’s professionalism and timely billing, tracking and follow-up process is good and ensures that client needs are being met.”

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