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Financial issues strain relationships, can lead to divorces

It is very common for married couples to merge their finances, but J.D. Roth of Time magazine argues that this may be a recipe for relationship disaster as financial conflicts can lead to major problems such as divorce.

“If you and your spouse are happier with joint finances and if it strengthens your marriage, then use joint finances,” Roth, who has separate finances from his wife, writes. “But don’t combine finances just because you think it has to be done that way. It doesn’t.”

According to New York Life, when a marriage goes down the path to divorce, financial disaster can occur regardless of the couple’s money situation. The emotional pain of divorce and the financial impact is also closely linked. After a divorce, the company suggests that ex-spouses revise their wills, become disentangled financially and review all of their other assets.

When it comes to post-marriage finances, it is bad form to discuss child support with the child, says the Seattle Times. The terms of this complicated financial situation regarding a noncustodial parent should only be discussed parent-to-parent, even when children inquire about the money or ask for items that are supposedly covered by these payments.

Facebook and Divorce – Time Magazine

Time Magazine examines the phenomenon of social networking as it applies to divorce. Reporter Belinda Luscome quoted DadsDivorce.com founder and Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell about Facebook and divorce.

“It’s now just routine for us to go over with clients whether they have an active presence on the Web and if they Twitter, Facebook or have a MySpace page,” Cordell said.

He advises his mostly male clients to scour their page — and their girlfriend’s — for anything that could be used by their ex’s legal team. Then Cordell studies the page of the soon-to-be ex-wife.

“We had a custody case where a mom assured the court that she hadn’t been drinking,” recalls the Missouri-based attorney. “But her MySpace page had actual dated photos of her drinking — and smoking.”

In another case, a mom had listed herself on a dating site as single with no kids, which Cordell’s firm used to cast doubt on her truthfulness.

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Divorcing While Dying: Time Magazine

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell was quoted in TIME Magazine about people trying to divorce from their deathbeds.

Divorcing While Dying” examines the phenomenon that is finding its way into the public eye as a result of some high-visibility divorces.

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