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Joseph Cordell on Common Divorce Mistakes Men Make

Cordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on 970 WFLA radio in Tampa to discuss common blunders men commit in the divorce process, including moving out of the marital home and dating before the divorce is finalized.

The interview is based on the subject of Cordell & Cordell’s free divorce seminar on Thursday, Oct. 11, at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay titled “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce.”

Though the seminar is complimentary, registration is required by visiting the Tampa divorce seminar registration page or calling 813.884.8888.

To listen to the full interview, including a Mr. Cordell’s opinion of the “Tender Years Doctrine,” please visit the WFLA radio website.

Lawmaker pushes to decriminalize adultery cohabitation in Florida

A Florida lawmaker wants to do away with the second-degree misdemeanor for unmarried cohabitation, even though only 104 people have been arrested in the last 12 months for violating the state’s often forgotten law.

State Representative Ritch Workman, a Republican, recently announced that the cohabitation ban must go, as should the law against open adultery, the Tampa Tribune reports.

Workman told the news source that he does not wish to encourage or condone these activities, which could lead to divorce or other relationship issues, but believes the laws make the state look “foolish.” The law is rarely enforced, but that doesn’t make the state’s ban right, according to Workman.

“It’s not a crime – or it shouldn’t be,” the conservative explained to the publication.

The news source reports that more than 1 million people in Florida are technically committing a misdemeanor by practicing unmarried cohabitation, which is punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

According to State of Our Unions, the number of cohabitating, unmarried adult couples of the opposite sex has increase from approximately 439,000 in 1960 to 6.8 million in 2008.

Facebook Status Alters Custody Agreement

St. Petersburg Times — One law firm has had enough.

Back in the dark ages, like 2005, lawyers had to spend money, time and effort to glean juicy morsels for their cases. A basic custody battle could mean a maze of private investigators, subpoenas and conversations with neighbors.

Now it’s like this: Open browser. Click. Gasp. Print.

“Clients who have participated in social media have become much more vulnerable,” said Joseph Cordell, partner in national law firm Cordell & Cordell. “You have access to inner thoughts and frank conversations that in the past were virtually unheard of.”

GPS tracking features on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare help when people take their children on the run, said Cordell, whose firm has an office in Tampa. One client’s ex-wife had moved her children to eight different locations, he said.

But pictures are the biggest tell. One woman showed up online snorting cocaine off of a key, he said. Another held a bottle of Grey Goose vodka in one hand and a baby in the other.

During one custody battle, a mother posted photos of her children. A friend commented.

The children don’t look much like him.

The mother replied.

That’s because they’re not his.

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Cordell & Cordell Takes Florida Bar to Court

TAMPA BAY BUSINESS JOURNAL— One law firm has had enough.Cordell & Cordell, a firm focusing on representing men in divorce, has taken the Florida Bar to court over rules governing lawyer and law firm advertising.

In a lawsuit reflecting the ongoing controversy that has erupted over the Florida Bar’s lawyer advertising restrictions, Cordell contends in Tampa federal court that the rules severely restrict protected commercial speech in violation of the first and 14th constitutional amendments.

The complaint involves two advertisements aired over two local radio stations. Matt Leish, a Carlton Fields attorney representing Cordell & Cordell, said he was not authorized to comment. A Bar spokeswoman said the lawsuit is under review.

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Tampa: Divorce Now With Assets Low

Joseph Cordell, Principal Partner of Cordell & Cordell spoke with the Tampa Tribune about the strategic benefits of divorcing during a recession.

Cordell, whose firm represents men in divorce litigation, is asking men who may be considering a divorce to examine the value of their assets in relation to the health of the economy.

“It’s not a controversial point to make that if a guy’s going to be in front of a judge, it’s going to be advantageous if it’s when his assets are at an ebb, rather than a peak,” Cordell said. “If a guy is relatively impoverished, that’s going to give him an advantage in his arguing that his wife should take on more of the debt.”

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