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The effect of a divorce on a business

A divorce will likely affect a business, as the split may lead to a division of assets or could cause an increased level of stress for an owner or executive of a small company if their spouse holds a share of the firm.

Despite a Forbes report that outlined how Kim Kardashian’s divorce may actually help her business, due to the fact that her life will be more exciting as she looks for a new man, non-celebrities may suffer because of a split with their former lover.

In an interview with the National Federation of Independent Business, Alan Schacter, a certified public accountant for Citrin Cooperman, noted that a split can lead to economic problems for individuals if they are not able to remove hostilities with their ex-spouse if an asset division is required.

“You need to put personal differences aside to preserve the asset,” Schacter told the news source. “This is an emotionally charged process. Everyone wants to do it peacefully.”

According to the NFIB, the general rule is splitting business equity “50/50” and each spouse will likely retain an equal share of the assets.

Helping children deal with divorce issues during the holiday season

The holiday season can bring equal amounts of joy and stress to families, but for a couple that has recently divorced, the strain that is put on their children can be overwhelming.

The Kansas City Star reported that children may begin to act in an even more aggressive manner due to the stress of the holidays, especially when they are seeing a parent that they don’t spend as much time with.

According to the newspaper, concerns will often arise about where the child will get to spend the holidays and the extended family of the mother or father will have to be chosen early on to limit the stress in this situation.

Parents will likely have to split time over holiday weekends, making it extremely important for activities and time spent with relatives to be maximized, the Star reported.

Mothers tend to receive custody of children in the majority of cases, 82.6 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This may mean that fathers should try and make the most of this time with their kids.

Lack of sleep may lead to marital tension

A new possible divorce precursor to be aware of? A woman’s lack of sleep, according to a new study.

In a 10-day study of 35 young married couples, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh discovered wives who experienced trouble sleeping tended to create more negative marital interactions the next day, such as ignoring or criticizing their partners. Study leaders directed the participants to record their daily assessment on their marital interactions via electronic diaries.

“The findings suggest a wife’s prolonged inability to sleep predicts her own and her husband’s marital interactions, which tend to be more negative and less positive,” said Wendy Troxel, the study’s lead researcher. Troxel said scientists used noninvasive sensors to monitor rest and activity cycles.

However, researchers did not find a relationship between the amount of time it took men to fall asleep and how they interacted with their wives the next day. Some believe that because women tend to be expressive they are more likely to show their stress and verbalize their feelings.

Sleep deprivation can be a major source of stress in a relationship and may lead to conflicts or even separate bedrooms, according to WebMD. The site said lack of sleep may also cause memory and cognitive impairment and may reduce performance and alertness.