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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interviews Joe Cordell and Richard Coffee About Asset Protection

Joseph Cordell The majority of people begin to consider asset protection planning only after being served with a lawsuit, but by then, it is already too late to shield your assets.

Insurance, trusts, incorporation and retirement accounts can protect you from poverty if you’re sued.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch business columnist Jim Gallagher interviewed Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell and Belleville Divorce Lawyer Richard Coffee about the law firm’s new asset protection business and “Keeping Judgment Hounds At Bay.”

“We’ve been protecting guys’ assets from arguably the greatest menace that might exist out there,” Cordell told Gallagher. He meant their wives.

Now Cordell & Cordell is expanding the practice to help guys protect themselves from other threats – namely lawyers waving judgments.

Read the full article on St. Louis asset protection.

And remember, to secure all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, Cordell & Cordell now offers asset protection services in St. Louis to safeguard your financial future.

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St Louis organization counsels couples with children during divorce

A divorce can be difficult emotionally and financially for a couple, but this separation can be even more taxing on the family’s children. But according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, an organization in the region is helping families reduce conflict and co-parent more effectively after a separation or divorce.

Kids in the Middle, located in Kirkwood, is opening a new location in St. Charles to help better serve families in need of the agency’s services.

Read the article on Kids in the Middle: “Helping Children with Divorce.”

The organization begins counseling spouses and families when the decision to separate is reached. Kids in the Middle then stays with each family as they transition through divorce and into their post-divorce lives. The aim is to provide counseling, education and support services that are all geared toward the best interests of the children.

To help parents understand their children’s needs, the agency has compiled a Kids Bill of Rights which declares that all children have the right to a safe, stable and loving environment. To feel this way, children need to express love for both parents, remain connected to both parents’ families, express their feelings and remain a child and not a parental confidant.

Custody Dispute Features Tammy Repaso

Cordell & Cordell attorney Tammy Repaso was featured in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article as the lawyer for a father fighting for custody of his child with the child’s disabled mother.

The mother and father share joint custody, but Repaso’s client is seeking full custody. Unfortunately, the case is being painted that the father is going after full custody solely based on the mother’s disability.

However, Repaso told the newspaper, “We would never pursue custody based solely on disability or disease of a parent. Instead, these matters are based on the best interest of the child.”

Click the link to read the full story on the custody battle.

At Cordell & Cordell, we regard it as a basic truth that father-child relationship is as important as the mother-child relationship, and that gender-based discrimination in family court is unconscionable. Representing a father in a custody case is a challenging task requiring skill and experience.

In a system seemingly predisposed against them, men can only hope to succeed by using all the help available to them, both legally and strategically. Cordell & Cordell has built its practice on helping men do just that.

Tammy Repaso is a Litigation Manager in the St. Charles, Missouri, office of Cordell & Cordell, where she practices exclusively in the area of domestic relations. To schedule an appointment with her, please contact Cordell & Cordell.

The Ongoing Battle for Father’s Rights

Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell discussed the progress fathers have made in family law courtrooms across the country but acknowledged the need for more equality during his appearance on the McCarthy and Friends Show on 94.1 KPVR in St. Louis.

“There has been progress in the field of men’s rights and I applaud that,” Cordell said. “But there still is an institutional bias in my opinion. We continue to focus on trying to get the courts to be completely gender blind.”

The divorce industry makes presumptions about fathers and men that have elevated the interest unfortunately of women above the interest of men, according to Cordell.

“Quite frankly, it’s really become a civil rights issue as much as anything,” he said. “When you think of the progress we’ve made in civil rights, men’s rights as it pertains to the family has been neglected and it’s time a light is cast on it. There needs to be the same sort of concern of fair play that is given other individuals.”

Twenty years ago while practicing general law, Cordell realized 85% to 90% of his clients were coming to the Cordell & Cordell firm for domestic relations help.

“During the course of that experience I couldn’t help but notice the challenges consistently facing the guys side of the table when it comes to custody, maintenance issues, and accusations of domestic violence,” Cordell said. “I found in waging those fights that I enjoyed it more. So we proclaimed ourselves as a firm that devoted itself to representing men in domestic relations matters.”

Cordell also discussed his new book “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce” and gave advice on what men should consider when facing the possibility of divorce.

Listen to Part 1 of the interview for more information on men’s rights.

Part 2 examined the double standards and challenges men face in divorce.

In Part 3, Cordell outlined some of the most common mistakes men make in divorce.

To purchase “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce,” click here.

Cordell & Cordell is a national domestic litigation firm focusing on helping men with divorce issues.

St. Louis Family Law Firm Focused on Men

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently discovered the carnage and aftermath of divorce that men encounter as seen on the forum section of The website is owned and maintained by Cordell & Cordell, a law firm dedicated to working with men facing divorce.

Father’s rights movements have been insisting for many years that family courts are biased towards women. When looking at these websites, it doesn’t take long to see the rage these father’s feel towards the court system.

Cordell & Cordell co-founder, Joseph Cordell, stated that although he is not a political activist, he doesn’t “want to shy away from being brutally frank.”

“We’re really less involved in a movement or a political cause so much as we want to help a group who have very practical issues,” he said. “They don’t want to spend the time in a political fight for justice.”