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Three Cordell & Cordell Attorneys Recognized By Super Lawyers

Super LawyersCordell & Cordell Texas attorneys Kelly L. Burris and Maribel Cruz were recently named Super Lawyers while Michigan attorney Jill A. Duffy was recognized as a Rising Star in the family law practice area by Super Lawyers Magazine, a Thomson Reuters rating service of outstanding lawyers.  [Read more…]

Texas Enacts Counterproductive Child Support Law

WOAI 1200Earlier this month, Texas enacted a law that prohibits parents who fail to pay child support for at least six months from renewing their vehicle registration.  [Read more…]

Five Cordell & Cordell Attorneys Recognized By San Antonio Scene Magazine

san antonio scene magazine best lawyersFive Cordell & Cordell attorneys based in San Antonio, Texas were named in San Antonio Scene Magazine’s Best Lawyers 2014 list.

Attorneys Amanda L. Clepper, Maribel Cruz, Ashley Duffy, Lauren Koporec and Rachel Sadovsky were all recognized in the best lawyers list.

San Antonio Scene Magazine has been conducting this Best Lawyers list for ten years. The list get recognition by both attorneys and magazine readers in the San Antonio area.

This year’s vote for the best lawyers placed more emphasis on where voters work, their area of practice and how long they have been practicing.

Read more about San Antonio Scene Magazine’s Best Lawyers 2014 list here.

Why The Divorce Rate Is Highest In January

woai_logo_header_0_1376919558Divorce filings and inquiries to divorce attorneys significantly increase in January due to a number of reasons, according to Texas divorce attorney Samuel Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez told San Antonio radio station 1200 WOAI that stressed caused by the holidays and financial liabilities late in the year is a contributing factor to the January spike, but cautions that divorces aren’t just triggered by the holidays.

“Couples don’t suddenly decide to divorce in the days before January,” Mr. Sanchez said. “In all of the cases, the problems have been building for some time.”

To read the full interview about the reasons behind January’s high divorce rate, please read the article “Holidays Over, January Top Month for Divorce.”