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The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement

There’s more to the modern prenup than you might think. By using the recent Tiger Woods prenup as an example, Joseph Cordell, Principal Partner of Cordell & Cordell, explains that prenuptial agreements are about more than pre-marital property and money.

Your good name, credibility and reputation might very well be at stake after your divorce and your prenuptial agreement should take these factors into account. Cordell explains how, in Tiger’s case, the clauses that restrict his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, from publishing books, interviews or any other commentary on the marriage, its problems or its dissolution, were not only important to Tiger’s reputation; they were probably essential to his livelihood and so he paid a premium to secure them.

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Prenuptial Agreement Trends in St. Louis

Joseph Cordell was quoted in St. Louis Magazine about new trends in prenuptial agreements.

There’s a popular perception that prenups are a cynical way to enter into a marriage,” said Cordell. “It’s true there’s recognition of the possibility of divorce, but to think otherwise is contrary to reality.”

“It’s more incumbent upon some people entering a marriage than others,” he added. “If you have a young couple getting married, and they’re both broke, then marital property is probably subject to a 50/50 division. By contrast, when you have an older couple, where parties have been married before or have accumulated substantial amounts of property, through a slight misstep in the normal judicial process of divorce, separate assets could be converted to become marital property. It would be reckless for a couple in that second example to ignore the possibility of divorce.”

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