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How Do Parenting Time Guidelines Differ Across State Lines? – Men’s Divorce Podcast

Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout and Utah Litigation Attorney Elly Hendriksen discuss the challenges involved when co-parents live in separate states.

Whether it is before, during or after a divorce, it can be difficult to navigate parenting time when your co-parent lives in a different state. Scott and Elly dissect the differences in rights during the various stages of the process and emphasize the importance of journaling events and getting things in writing.

They highlight the ways of structuring a parenting plan, in order to maximize the amount of time spent with the children. Elly talks about changing parenting methods, in order to fit the new life circumstances that the co-parents and children face.

Cordell & Cordell continues to produce monthly webinars and virtual town halls and frequent podcasts answering your questions and addressing your concerns about how the virus is impacting family law.

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