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Erica Christian Discusses Wisconsin Child Custody On The Mitch Henck Show

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Cordell & Cordell Litigation Manager Erica Christian discussed the standards for placement and child custody on “Outside The Box” with Mitch Henck on WIBA 1310 in Madison, Wisc.

Christian, who manages Cordell & Cordell’s Madison and Milwaukee offices, explained that many fathers still face a bias and stigma when they enter a family law courtroom.

It doesn’t help that the vague placement standard – “the best interest of the child” – can vary drastically not only by jurisdiction but also from judge to judge.

Mitch Henck radio showErica Christian on “Outside The Box”:

Wisconsin focuses on children and divorce awareness

Divorce can be a painful experience, but the effect it can have on children is sometimes forgotten. To bring light to the impact of divorce on a family’s kids, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have joined together to proclaim next week “Family is Forever – Children and Divorce Awareness Week,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

According to the news source, there are 16,000 divorces in Wisconsin each year, and many of those occur between couples with children. Many of these children are greatly affected by this experience, but the awareness event aims to show Wisconsin families that the impact doesn’t have to cause a lifetime of pain, helplessness or anger.

One of the tenets of the awareness campaign is to promote collaboration and decency during divorces.

“The guiding principle in collaborative practice is that despite divorce, a family can be forever,” states the news source.

While a collaborative divorce may not be right for every family and every scenario, this family law approach first emerged approximately 10 years ago.

According to Business First, collaborative divorces are growing in popularity across the country, including in Kentucky, as families look to end their marriages without going through a public and emotional court case.