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Men’s Divorce Reports on Gender Stereotypes Facing Men

gender stereotypes facing men with custodyGender stereotypes face men in the family law courts on a regular basis.

Recently, Mens’ Divorce took a look at this issue and reported on some of the numbers regarding the number of married women receiving primary custody of children as well as sizable child support packages.

“It should not come as a shock that men face antiquated gender stereotypes when going through a divorce, and that fighting these can lead to lengthy, expensive legal battles that still result in unfair settlements once a judgment is finalized,” reported Men’s Divorce

With stereotypes still affecting the way society and the courts often view men and dads, there is an ongoing notion that “men [lack] the capability to perform basic household or parenting tasks.”

Men’s Divorce reported on a recent Huffington Post article, “Retire the Bumbling Husband: He Isn’t Helping,” which discussed the negative affects such characters and stereotypes can have on society’s perceptions, beliefs on parenting and even custody decisions.

As the article’s author Jaime Zucker points out,  “Advertisements for housekeeping products can still be targeted to attract female consumers, but the justification that these products should be selected by the woman because her male partner is just too stupid to do so needs to be retired. It’s time advertisers pay attention – equality is empowering.”

K104 in Dallas Discusses Cordell & Cordell’s ‘Life Mission’

K104 radio in Dallas spoke with Joseph Cordell about Cordell & Cordell’s divorce seminars the firm puts on across the country in addition to how the firm began focusing on representing men in divorce.

After starting the law firm with his wife, Yvonne, as a general litigation practice, Mr. Cordell began handling “tough, outrageous cases” that pitted men fighting an uphill battle just to prove they belonged in their children’s lives post-divorce.

“We felt passionately about (representing men), and we acquired a reputation for helping guys,” he said. “We finally decided this is our mission in life, and we declared ourselves as a firm dedicated to serving men.”

Listen below to Mr. Cordell’s full interview on K104 radio in Dallas.

Joe Cordell Debates Men’s Rights On “Fox & Friends”

joe cordell fox and friendsCordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News channel to debate family law attorney Vikki Ziegler on why men need extra legal protection in divorce court.

“The overwhelming statistics show that the corner of room among civil rights causes in American that is neglected still is the rights of men in domestic relations cases,” Mr. Cordell told host Steve Doocy.

The mindset and attitudes of Cordell & Cordell attorneys regarding their acknowledgement of discrimination is what separates the firm’s lawyers from others, according to Mr. Cordell.

“It’s understandable that guys are going to be predisposed to hire attorneys who at least acknowledge these statistics, such as 97% of the alimony orders in American are issued against men,” Mr. Cordell said. “Doesn’t that smell of bias and discrimination? We should not tolerate discriminatory practices in family court against men.”

The full clip of the interview is available here or embedded below.

Wall Street Journal Profiles Cordell & Cordell, Satisfied Clients

cordell and cordell wall street journalTaylor Myers told The Wall Street Journal that when he first heard a radio advertisement emphasizing how Cordell & Cordell puts men first he knew the firm was a right fit for him.

“That’s how I felt through the whole process,” Mr. Myers told the newspaper. “(Cordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell) has hit on something right.”

Myers, along with fellow Cordell client Mark Faulkner, praised Cordell & Cordell’s unique approach to representing men in divorce in the article, “Lawyers Carve Out ‘Divorce For Men’ Niche.” The firm’s modus operandi has fueled expansion to 140 attorneys working out of more than 60 offices spread across 24 states, as of July 2012.

Mr. Faulkner said the compelling need for men to have an advocate for their interests was reinforced by his marriage counselor who told him, “Make sure you get a good attorney because the system is prejudiced” against men.

Even with evolving trends of gender-neutral laws, Mr. Cordell explained to The Wall Street Journal that men still encounter discrimination from judges who are reluctant to view fathers as equally capable parents or deserving of spousal support.

A full version of the article is available on The Wall Street Journal website.

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Joe Cordell Talks Divorce Rights For Men In Wisconsin

Joseph CordellCordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell appeared this morning on “Outside The Box” with Mitch Henck on WIBA 1310 in Madison, Wisconsin, where he discussed fathers’ rights and took questions from callers about how to protect themselves in divorce cases.

Henck brought up the fact that there are more fathers who do not pay child support to which Cordell replied:

“What becomes publicized is that statistic, but since most guys do not get custody that puts most guys in the position to be paying child support. But what isn’t brought up is guys are consistently denied visitation,” Cordell said. “It’s a chronic issue, but it gets no play. Of course being denied the right to see is children is going to impact a guy’s willingness to hand over money when he knows a good portion of child support probably is not going to the children.”

Mitch Henck radio showCordell added: “If a guy is denied his visitation, he has to get a lawyer, spend thousands of dollars, and spend months in court. By contrast, if a mother doesn’t get paid her child support, she can get a garnishment and get the guy in front of a judge on charges of contempt within days.”

Joseph Cordell On “Outside The Box”: